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68 Sentai Home of the virtual pilots of the IJAAF
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kamikaze letters to home !

IJAAF Captain Ryjio Uehara

Tribute to the Divine wind!

These are Letters too familys Before  these pilots gave there lives for the defense of Japan :

                          To my Dear Mother and Father
I was so lucky ever since I was given my life , life some 20 years Ago that Iwas brought up never deprived of anything. under The love and affection of my brother and my sister , I was fortunate too spend such happy times with my family. I say That in the face of the fact that I spent some of my days in a awful and spoiled manner , I was the ome who caused you such grief . It pains My heart that my time will come before I can return , or try too return too Japan , were loyalty to the emperior And fille pity are consideredone in the same thing , the total loyalty too the Nation is a vile pilty . iam confident of your forgiveness.
      As a memeber of the flying staff , I have spent each and every day with death as A premise . Every letter , and each word , constituted my last will and testament . in a sky so high above death is never a focus of fear . Will I Infact die when I hit the target ?, No I cannot belive that Iam going to die and , there was a time , that in fact that I was complled to dive my aircraft into a target , the fact is that Iam never fearfull of death , and to the contrary , I welcome it , the reason for beliving this deep spirtual conviction , is that when I pass from this life to the next , i will evolve to the newer place , and be in harmony with my brothers and my family that has passed on .
I dont agree with the worlds perspective in facisium , but it seems that Japan has gotten herself into a new world order . But i cannot bear the fact that My home will be invaded , nor will  I allow My family to subjucated to a policy of non tradtion . Japan must prevail , for the sake of my family and friends .
                                                This appointment to the speacil army corps . is a another day in passing , It is for the sake of Japan . The Only regret I will have is Not saying too you my father , Is father {chichiu}. when I reach my target and dive my plane into it I will wisper in a loud Scream Father {Chichiu I love you}
Well Than I will ask you to take care of yourself {Chichui I love you}
          Good Bye forever !!!!!!!!
IJAAF Captain Ryoji Uehara

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