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68 Sentai Home of the virtual pilots of the IJAAF


Click here for the 68 Japanese Site. This  site contains japanese language caracters.

LT General Kenji mizumura over satiama japan , Mt fuji!

Welcome to the 68Sentai Homepage .The 68 Sentai was formed in March of 1942 and based at Wewak New guinea soloman islands . The 68 sentai was the first sqaudron of the IJAAF to introduce the ki61 hien tony . We are a virtual representaion of that sqaudron using Pacific Fighters as a medium . it is our mission to build online freindships using Pacfic Fighters as a meduim . we compete with other sqaudrons on the zone for play and fun . while we do not endorse the wartime activities of he IJAAF Or the USAAF In WW2 we use this as a hobby a pastime to have fun compete and enjoy our expereance as virtual pilots of Pacific Fighters . We use The Hyperlobby with the Idea of Recreating Battles that were fought In The New Guinea Solmans Campaign Of WW2 . One Extra Feature , We At Times Will Use XWW2 To Fight Our Famous Foes , The RAAF And The SD7th Pursuit Sqaudron and any other Sqaudron that wishes too challenge us in Pacific Fighters or Battlefield 1942 XWW2  you are encouraged to browse and contact any of our pilots to become a member and a valuable friend.

Pilots of the 68 Sentai:
General        Kimura_68  Taicyio
Lt General   Kenji_68      Fuku Taicyio
Maijor          Ako_68        Fuku Taicyio 1        
Wing 1 FighterEscort/ Bomber              
Captain    Kamatachi_68 CO1                 
Lt             Shizuo_68         XO1                 
1Lt           Hiru_68                                     
1Lt           Yutaka_68                                 
Wo           Shinken_68                                
SgtMaj    Sato_68                                      
Sgt            Taka_68                                                                    
Sgt           Fuji_68
Sgt           Matsuo_68
Sgt           Hikyuu_68
Sgt           Honsono_68
Sgt           Tsuki_68
Sgt            Ito_68
Wing2 / Fighters/ Japanese Pilots - Banzai PK!
Lt majior Van_68        CO2/ Interpation officer
Captain    Nowaki_68 XO2
Sgt           Chiku_68
Sgt           Sasaki_68
Sgt           Gema_68
Sgt           Jp_Nishi_68
Sgt           Red Impulse_68
                        Retired Most Honorable friends
Sgt Myabi
Sgt Shu
Sgt Tak
Sgt kurenai
Sgt kanno
Sgt Tasumi
1lt   Nishi
Sgt Fujima
Sgt Akumu
Sgt Kirro
Sgt Hiryuu
Sgt Tamura KIA !!!!!!!!!!!

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Bomb run Lae 2001


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